16:8 Intermittent Fasting - 12 Weeks
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First time

First time doing the 24 hour body & beauty reset and I found it refreshingly easy. The sachets are tasty - reminiscent of a berry tea. Will definitely be back to purchase again.

24hr reset

This 24hr reset was just what I needed. I used the sachets when I felt hungry or had a dip in energy levels. After the 24hrs I felt way less bloated and didn't have the intense sugar cravings I usually had.

Nice surprise

I've never done a cleanse in the past before so was unsure how I would go. I didn't think I was going to make it through the day but when I felt hungry I had another sachet & wha-lah, I didn't feel hungry anymore. The taste was really nice (another nice surprise). I felt good after doing it & I will get more to do it again :-)

Try a Sample - Max One Per Person
Thank you!

Thank you guys so much for having a sample option - I was skeptical at first, but after trying the sample, I was sold on the subscription and I haven't looked back!

"omg my stomach is so flat it's ridiculous! I can totally see why someone would want to do this before an event"

"I feel way less bloated and have loads more energy. I am beyond impressed and it tastes soooo damn good"

"feeling way less bloated, my skin is clear, I've lost pounds and I'm feeling fantastic! I would recommend this to everyone!"

Loved this reset!

I’m so impressed with the taste, super fresh and not bitter like I imagined. The ingredients also are great but extra love the fact there is collagen in this drink.


This drink has a light and refreshing taste and I love the fact I could incorporate it into my fasting regime. I found it did extend the amount of hours I managed to fast by making me feel slightly more full which was great!
Overall really happy with this product and I love the rose gold straw as a special addition.

My skin is so much brighter!

I got onto this through a friend and am happy I did. I had wanted to try out 16:8 for a while and this made it super easy. After a month I've lost some weight and my skin and even my eyes look so much brighter. Would definitely recommend to someone who is new to 16:8 fasting like I was. It tastes really nice which is an added bonus.

Absolutely love & recommend!

No matter what I eat I bloat, so I’m always on the hunt for a good cleanse, this is hands down the best yet! Not only is the flavour amazing - but I feel full, refreshed and light for the whole day. There is also a noticeable difference in my bloating and I couldn’t be more thankful!

Everything I needed!!!

I tried the 24 hr cleanse and I felt so energised and my bloating was gone!!
Will recommend to everyone as it’s healthy, and easy to drink!

10/10 from me

This was honestly one of the easiest & nicest body cleanse I’ve done! I get cravings all the time during to day yet didn’t have a single one through this cleanse. I’m also super impressed with how good it made me feel throughout the day, even better that it tastes so good! Definitely want to try it again!

Seriously YUM!

This stuff is seriously YUM! Having done cleanses before I was expecting to have a not so pleasant taste & texture but this was the exact opposite. It's go an amazing fruity taste that's actually SO delicious that I look forward to my next cleanse day.


I did the 5 day cleanse with intermittent fasting and usually when I fast I get pretty hungry, but the drink made me feel quite full which was great! I also noticed that I had less bloating and more energy throughout the day. I love that the sachets are small and easy to use so that they can be taken to work with you as well!


This drink tastes great and really helps with intermittent fasting. It keeps me satisfied until I decide to eat just before midday.

So so so damn tasty

I recently tried the the cleanse satchel and it has helped so much during intermittent fasting. Especially when you want that fizzy drink or sugar kick. The taste isn’t too over bearing as well. I prefer it cold :)

Five Stars!!!

This is the best tasing cleanse I've ever had! My first sip and I was seriously in shock at how nice it tasted. It helped me through my 24 hour fast and I didn't feel sluggish or tired at all - hot or cold this stuff is amazing - not only this but a beautiful customer service team which is so important to me.

Felt fabulous after!

I did the 24 hour cleanse and it was awesome! The drink tastes delicious and full of raspberry flavour and I felt energised, light and healthy. After the 24 hours I noticed a definite decrease in my bloating which is great for Christmas time. I wasn’t overly hungry during the fast and the sachets of drink made it convenient for me to take anywhere throughout the day.

Healthy and glowing skin

I felt so re-freshed & re-energized after my intermittent fasting with the Wednesday Cleanse Day tonic plus my skin is healthy looking and glowing! I almost feel like I’m back in my 20ies! 😉

With Wednesday we Glow

I've tried intermittent fasting in the past and know how easy it can be to quickly sneak in a snack and break your progress!
I was so impressed by how delicious it was- it tasted like a summer berry drink. I enjoyed it more knowing it has skin boosting ingredients like collagen and tried and true debloaters like green tea!
It will definitely be an addition to my self care routine ❤️

Miracle cleanse!

I bloat so easily, so I was really looking forward to trying this 24 hour cleanse! It was literally one of the easiest cleanses I have ever done. The taste was so delicious, I truly didn’t have cravings throughout the day; the sachets make you feel full - but not uncomfortable, so I still felt light the whole day. The next morning I felt amazing! No longer bloated or sluggish! Will definitely try again!

Beyond impressed!

I am beyond impressed with my 24 hour body & beauty rest. It tastes sooo damn good! I feel a lot less bloated and have loads more energy. I highly recommend this beautiful drink to all you babes who need a quick pick me up and a reset xx


This one day cleanse is exactly what you need to de bloat , you don’t feel sick or have headaches. I felt so good the whole day, wasn’t craving anything sweet .. had energy throughout my day and also felt so good after my cleanse. Stomach felt lighter and I was ready for my night out!

Love the flavour!

Absolutely helps with the intermittent fasting! Especially to start with it’s so hard to not eat early in the morning if you’re not used to it and the @wednesdaycleanseday just really boosts my effort!!